Station Chapels

The Shrine Parish had one Station Chapel, St. Antony’s, Peruvallur. Later in 1971, the Station Chapel was raised to the status of free Parish. Now we have Two  Station Chapels  St. Thomas Chapel, Peringad and St.Mary’s Kakkassery.

St.Thomas Chapel, Peringad

The station Chapel was blessed in 1976. With foundation of the chapel, the senior members of Peringad could parttake in the holy ceremonies conducted there on all Saturdays, Sundays and other holy days Chapels under the Parish Shrine are Chapels

St.Mary’s Station Chapel, Kakkassery

Established under Pavaratty Shrine in March 19,1980. In 1984, Fr. ciriyac Vadakkan has started Holy Mass in this Chappel. In 2007, Chappel renevated with new design and started Holy Mass.

2. Holy Family, Thirunellur 19th March 3. St. Joseph’s, Puvathur 19th March 4. St. Mary’s, Kakkassery Sunday 4th September 5. St. Sebastian’s, Venmenad Last Sunday January 6. St. Antony’s ,Pavaratty Before 9 days of The Grand Feast 7. St. Joseph’s, Pavaratty South 1st of May