San Jos Parish Hospital

San-Jos-hospital-300x154This Hospital was established in 1949 by St. Vincent De Paul Society of Parish. It was started as a clinic in a rented building. It is to be remembered with gratitude that our late Arch Bishop Dr. Joseph Kundukulam took the initiation for the beginning of the Hospitals while he was Asst. Vicar at Pavaratty. In 1952 it had it own building of 6 rooms. One year before (1951) the supervision of the hospital had been handed over to the Rev. Sisters of Carmelite Congregation (CMC). Now from 1989, Rev. Sisters of Adoration Congregation are in charge. In 1970 the Parish Shrine took over the management and the hospital became San Jos Parish Hospital. Till then it was known as Vincentian Hospital. In the year 1999 San Jos Parish Hospital celebrated its Golden Jubilee. In 1994 a Nursing School has started in this Hospital.




Founder Members of the Hospital :-
Shri. A.L. Thomunny (Late)
Shri. O.M. Kunjuvareed (Late)
Shri.A.P. Thavunny Master (Late)
Shri.Thaikkattil Chakku Master (Late)
Shri.Edakkalathur Kochappan Master (Late)
Shri. E.K. Paul Master (Late)
Shri. Vadukkoot Louis (Late)
Shri. E.D. Jacob
Shri. O.L. Pavunny
Shri. A.D. Kuriakkosi (Late)



In 1949 a dispensary started in a 4 rented rooms in Olakkengil Building, as Vincentain Dispensary. A native of Chittattukara motive Dr. C.K. Chummar was the first doctor appointed in the dispensary. Later under the persuasion of Late Dr. Joseph Kundukulam Dr. C.T. Simon has joined in the hospital for free treatment. In 1952 under the able guidance of then Asst. Vicar Rev. Zacharias Pududssery Dispensary has shifted to their own 6 room building. This is the present OP Section of San Jos Hospital. In 1962 another storey was added to this building. In 1970 this Vincentain Dispensary was handed over to Pavaratty Parish and renamed as San Jose parish Hospital


Present Set Up Facilities
This is a 150 bedded Charitable Hospital with the following Departments
General Surgery
Infertility Clinic
This Hospital is managing a 24 hours causality department and a round the clock Accident Care Unit.

(Intensive Coronary Care Unit) Beds with a/c, central Oxygen Supply, Defibrillator – Bedside monitors – Pulseoxymeter

(Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Radiant Warmer, Phototherapy etc.

Operation Theatre
Major Theatres 2, Minor Theatre – 1

x-ray and ECG Facility
24 hours X-ray and ECG facility is provided in the Hospital

A well stocked pharmacy is run by the Hospital

24 hours operating well equipped high efficient Laboratory is managed by the Hospital. A facility for General Health Check up is arranged in the Lab.
Ultra Sound Scan
A high tech Ultra Sound Scanning machine is installed in this hospital

Charitable Activities Other Activities
A Total free Catract (IOL) Surgery is offered for one poor deserving patient on each surgery day. On first Thursday afternoon (3.30 to 5.00 p.m.) of all month free medical.
Check up is done to poor patients and medicines are distributed free of Cost to them. On first Tuesday of all months, from 10.00 am to 1.00 p.m. BCG Vaccinations given. On all Tuesday and Saturdays from 10.00 am to 1.00 p.m. Vaccination for triple, Hepatitis and Measels is given in the hospital. Oral polio is also given on the same day.

General Ward
There are 110 No. of Beds available in the hospital in General Ward Bed Charge RS 10/- only
Pay Wards
There are 50 No. of Rooms available in this hospital. Room rent varying from RS. 40/- to RS 125/- per day
Advanced booking facility for consultation of Doctors is available in the booking counter of the hospital from 7.30 am onwards. Current booking of OP Cards can also, be done in the same counter

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