Nursing School

School of Nursing, under San Jos Parish Hospital was started in January 1994. The management is consisting of Hospital committee and Trustees of the Church, under the leadership of the Director, the Vicar of the Parish Church. The intake of Students is twenty per year. The Ist Principal of the school of Nursing was Miss. Bridget. P.A. a retired faculty member from the Govt.College of Nursing, Madras. As there was no separate building to start the course, it was accommodated in the same Hospital itself. In the year 1995 December, Nursing School was shifted from Hospital to a new building in the same campus. Now already 99 students have completed their course successfully and left-the institution as full pledged staff Nurses. VI th batch of students have completed their course and waiting for the result. At present, there are three batch students IIIrd year 20, II nd year 20 and Ist year 20. Now the school of Nursing has 5 Nursing Tutors, 1 Vice Principal and I Principal. In 2000 A.D. this institution was inspected by the Indian Nursing Council and got final recognition. During the graduation Ceremony Awards are given to the best out going student and those who stand first in each subject of all Board Examinations. This amount is donated by different well wishers of Pavaratty. Sr. Modista. S.A.B.S Principal