Holy Relic


Holy Relic of Holy Cross (Thiruseshippu)

THIRU1The Shrine is blessed with a particle of the Holy Cross on which our Lord was crucified. We got it as a sign of special concern of the Holy See to us; and we are grateful for this bounty





Holy Relic of St.Joseph (Thiruseshippu)

THIRUThe church at Pavaratty was completing the 75th year and every devotee wished to have the Holy Relic of St. Joseph at Pavaratty.The the move was piloted by Rev. Fr. George Nellissery of beloved memory, then Fr. Vicar. At last the church could be proud of having the Holy Relic in 1950! The Holy Relic is a thread from the dress of St. Joseph and the faithful had only one chance to kiss and show devotion that was just after the “Kooduthurakkal” on the eve of the Grand Feast. But now the Thiruseshippu’ is placed for public veneration on all Wednesdays.